The use of hearing aids is a highly effective way of overcoming the hearing loss and tinnitus challenges associated with industrial deafness. The team at Industrial Deafness America has helped thousands of individuals with industrial deafness to receive these hearing aids on a no out-of-pocket basis from little known government entitlements. And in most cases not just one pair, but a new pair every 5 years for the rest of their life. Additionally, servicing items such as batteries, maintenance are also included. That effectively represents tens of thousands of $’s in medical expenses that, won’t cost the person with industrial deafness a cent of their own money due to making an industrial deafness claim. This is funded by an estimated $242 million which is spent annually on workers’ compensation for hearing loss disability.

“Occupational hearing loss is the most common work-related injury in the United States. Approximately 22 million U.S. workers exposed to hazardous noise levels at work……….. An estimated $242 million is spent annually on worker’s compensation for hearing loss disability. NIOSH recommends removing hazardous noise from the workplace whenever possible and using hearing protectors in those situations where dangerous noise exposures have not yet been controlled or eliminated.”

The wireless capability of most devices received for industrial deafness claims enable the use of accessories such as a TV streamer that wireless streams audio directly to hearing aids. Thereby, the TV volume can be placed on mute, yet represent a much better hearing experience for the person with industrial deafness at all frequencies. Naturally, this also eliminates the major cause of household disturbance and contentiousness.

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