The Team at Industrial Deafness America have been helping individuals with industrial deafness since 1994.

Over the last 27 years, we have helped tens of thousands of individuals with industrial deafness to become aware of their Workers Compensation entitlements associated with their injury. Following a simple and free process to determine whether individuals may be eligible to receive medical treatment, we connect them with the best placed specialists who have helped pursue their rightful entitlements on a zero out-of-pocket basis.

You won’t pay a cent of your own money to check your eligibility; take a hearing test; or receive legal services associated with your claim. Industrial Deafness America love that we have helped so many hardworking Americans with industrial deafness to get their hearing and life back using the best hearing aid technology worth thousands of dollars – without it costing them anything.

How Do We Help?

Over the last 27 years, we have helped tens of thousands of individuals suffering from industrial deafness to become aware of their entitlements associated with their injury...

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Who Do We Help?

We help individuals who are suffering from hearing loss as a result of their work in noisy industries...

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the questions we get asked most often...

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I was very happy with the process, surprised in getting the hearing aids, very pleased with them. And I referred your office to few friends.

Jordan D.

You guys could not have done a better job. You guys are perfect! You are spot on, with all the help and everything. Hearing aids helped me quite a bit, I do not have to keep asking people a whole lot of ''what'', ''a'', '' what did you say'', even outdoors they help a lot. I was surprised of getting them free of charge, I thought it would be a greater battle than we had. No question left unanswered.

Ben R.

I begin to hear things I never heard before, I would say adds color to everything that I was doing, I can even hear rattling of saxophone, I was never able to hear that before.

Jake R.